Success Stories

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    If I had known about living benefits years ago, my life would have been very different. The financial hit was crazy when I was admitted to the hospital, and I did nothing but fight my insurance company for compensation. Theresa introduced me to a different form of coverage - and it was a no brainer to put a policy on myself and my family. Theresa took the time to listen to my concerns, she always puts her clients interests before hers. She is truly selfless, and always goes above and beyond. My daughter had day-surgery, and thanks to Theresa’s assistance we were able to capitalize on our coverage The claim process was very quick too! Theresa has a heart of gold, her authenticity and values are completely aligned with her field of work.

    Charles O.
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    I was very hesitant to listen to anything related to insurance when Theresa started sharing information with me. It was her kind, non-sales-like approach that kept me listening - and I'm grateful I did! If only I had known this type of coverage was available for my family 9 years ago when my son was born! When I found out that we could have been paid cash benefits everyday that my son was in the hospital, we would have avoided using our credit cards just to make ends meet! Theresa ALWAYS goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are taken care of, and I've referred many of my family and friends to her because of it! Thank you for all you do Theresa! 

    Elissa P
  • mark

    Working alongside Theresa has been nothing short of fantastic! It doesn’t matter if she’s going through personal challenges or not, she always remains focused on how she can serve her clients and team on a greater level. It’s been such a delight to have someone I can trust and rely on during times I need to pass things off - she always follows through with her commitment. She’s someone who inspires me on a personal and professional level. When she’s fired up, I’m fired up! I enjoy our positive conversations and deep insights on what success really means to us. Her and I are on the same level of focus, and when I see her name appear on my phone it’s a bonus to my day! Theresa is like a walking thesaurus and dictionary all in one! She’s one of the best closers I’ve ever worked with - and I don’t mean in sales! Rather, by getting people to see how much value our products really have. She’s not only one of the best speakers at the front of the room, but she’s authentic, loyal and always focused on doing good to others.

    Mark A.
  • grace

    We knew of Theresa Voltner a number of years before we actually met her. We were both working in Network Marketing and Theresa was often asked to be a speaker at these events. Each time I listened to her I felt very strong that she was the kind of person you could trust, who really wanted to help people succeed in their own life. Over the next few years our paths continued to cross even more and Theresa never wavered from her values. When we formally met each other I felt a connection with Theresa and her husband Darren. We continued to build on our friendship sharing more and more as time went. Theresa knew what kind of work we did besides the Network Marketing. They asked us if we felt comfortable talking to her and Darren about what kind of insurance we had in place in case one of us got hurt and couldn’t work. Because of the respect and the trust that we felt about Theresa and Darren we said yes please let’s see what can be done better for us. Again with our goals in mind Theresa went to work for us. Theresa balanced our benefits to meet the physical work that my husband and I do. She was very thorough with every detail making sure we understood what we were about to sign. Theresa followed up with us as our paperwork was coming in again to make sure all was good. We felt confident in what Theresa was doing for us so we asked her if she would meet with some of our family members. Theresa set up an appointment with our daughter and grandson taking the time to again go over what their needs were and listening to what they wanted to start out with on their budget. Theresa as always been available whenever we had a question or concern. When our grandson cut his hand Theresa helped them to ensure all the proper steps were taken to complete his claim. We recommend Theresa every chance we get to other people knowing that she is the right person to be honest and trustworthy with other people’s needs.

    Grace R.