Hi, I'm Theresa.

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I spent over 22 years of my life as a rehabilitation practitioner. During that time, I professionally experienced the devastating effects and financial constraints of an accident or an illness. I also personally experienced the same, when our daughter was born with special needs and the repercussions from my husband’s car accident. The collision itself was devastating, but dealing with the financial aftermath was a catastrophic! His neck had been broken, and I was left to deal with a financial nightmare, all while taking care of my husband and two children. It’s an understatement to say our lives were greatly affected. I was now working five jobs and taking care of other people’s loved ones, when all I wanted to do was be home supporting my own family. Still, to this day, I am still emotionally affected that I had to make such a decision based on circumstances.

Financially, we didn’t have any other options. I felt so resentful knowing I had gone against my core values just to keep a roof over my children’s head. I felt like such a hypocrite! People were applauding me for what I was doing by caring for others, yet they had no idea of what inner turmoil I was battling and the state my family was in. When I tell people today I work in the field of insurance, they cringe. I would have never guessed I would be here today, a licensed insurance agent. Insurance agencies did NOT show up for us when we needed them the most. In fact, we fought for 9 years with the underwriters of our insurance plan only to be paid a total of $9,000. We were told it would have been more, but because my husband gave an honest statement, they found the loophole they needed to avoid the claim. Can you believe the deciding factor on his application was because he stopped to grab a tea on his drive home? 

If he had come straight home from work, it would have been a different story. What a joke! I have felt so bitter about anything related to “insurance” for so long. Until one day, a friend of mine shared information with me that completely changed my perspective. I am not here to sell anything, I am here to educate other individuals who also have had a negative experience with traditional insurance. I want to help them put proper support systems in place, so they don’t have to make the same decisions that I had to make.

I help individuals, families, and business owners look for the gaps in their coverage, and provide them with supplemental options. I represent a company that places high priority on client experience, which is so important to me. If only someone had knocked on my door and explained my options, we would have had a $103,000.00 claim. Not only would I have been able to stay home and care for my family – but the emotional trauma would substantially different.

Please reach out to me, I would love to see if I can provide better support systems for you and your loved ones so you aren’t left vulnerable like we were.

Significantly driven,